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before a tattoo

DO NOT SHAVE ​​the area to get tattooed unless it is part of your normal routine.


EAT BEFORE ​​your tattoo, having fuel in your tank makes for a smoother ride.

BE WELL RESTED ​​to ensure your body is ready for endurance.

BE HYDRATED​​ again for endurance and also healthy levels for the process.

BE CLEAN ​​to reduce risk of infection.

BE HAPPY ​​and it will be a more comfortable experience.

BE PREPARED​​ to take the proper care of your tattoo, consider the days that follow.

BE FLEXIBLE ​​and understand that the amount of time it will take from start to finish can vary from the estimated time, you do not want a rushed job so please give yourself extra time to be at the studio.

BE AWARE ​​that there is no food or beverage allowed inside the studio. (a single bottle of water with a closable lid is permitted).

BE SURE ​​that you have had all your questions answered before the process begins, it helps prevent suprises for you and the artist.

BE HONEST ​​with the questions on the release form, it is for the safety of you and your artist.

*​Service Animals​​: It needs to be mentioned that the Health Department does not permit service animals in the tattoo studio area, however they are welcomed throughout the Matchworks Building. Please make arrangments to have someone tend to your service animal while you get tattooed. Thank you for understanding that this is not my personal policy but I do need to keep it in practice for the integrity of my licensing.

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