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aftercare for your tattoo

(this is your responsibility for the best outcome and longevity of your tattoo):

  • Your tattoo is covered in a medical-grade membrane (unless you have a known allergy to medical-grade adhesive), this membrane needs to stay in place for a ​minimum​ of 24 hours.

  • The goal is to keep the membrane on for 5 days, the product itself says it is safe to keep on for up to 7 days.

  • It is normal to have fluid under the membrane. Though it may look like your tattoo is losing ink or changing appearance I assure you it is perfectly fine, as you will see when the membrane is removed and the area washed. If fluid has collected to the point you can no longer see the tattoo it is best to remove the membrane according to the Membrane Removal Instructions.

  • Membrane Removal Instructions: ​​It will be necessary to immediately wash your tattoo and surrounding skin with soap and water upon removal, be prepared, doing so in the shower is best.

  • Remove membrane by starting at one corner and peel back slow and steady until the entire membrane releases from the skin, ​Do Not​​ pull quickly or yank!​ It may help to allow warm water behind the membrane to assist with removal.

  • Using clean hands, work up a light lather in your hand using a mild soap and warm water, then wash the tattoo and surrounding skin and finish by thoroughly rinsing all soap residue.

  • Allow tattoo to air dry completely (at least 30 minutes) before applying any aftercare products.

  • Follow washing and drying instructions throughout the healing of the tattoo, this is recommended twice a day,  and additionally after any heavy sweating or exposure to dirty or dusty environment)

Using Aftercare Ointments, Salves, and/or Lotions: ​​

  • Regardless of what product(s) you decide to use, the best results for the healing of a tattoo have proven to be products that use only/all natural oils as a base. Petrolatum based ointments and lotions have proven to fade tattoos during the healing process, so please avoid.​ Do Not​​ use products that contain pain relievers or antibiotics unless instructed to do so by a doctor.

  • Ointments or Salves​​ are best suited for the early stages of healing until the flakes are mostly gone, though they can be used for the entire course of healing. Flaking may or may not occur.

  • Lotions​​ are better suited for after the flakes come off, and can then be used indefinitely.

  • Wash hands and only use clean fingertips and gentle pressure to apply your product.

  • Apply a little at a time until there is a very thin coat over your entire tattoo, less is better but be sure to apply to entire tattooed area.

  • If the tattoo begins to sweat or is still shiny (oily) to the touch after 20 minutes you have used a little too much product, please gently blot with a clean paper or cotton towel, or gauze.

  •  Areas near joints that have a greater range of movement should be gently stretched when applying ointment and blotted in the stretched position after 20 minutes as a precaution so moisture does not build-up in skin folds and creases.

  • Apply product when the tattoo is noticeably dry, gets itchy, or feels tight when you move. You may apply it (as needed) as long as you are only applying a minimal amount each time.

  • Over the course of healing (from days to a couple weeks depending on the area of body) your tattoo will develop a thin scab layer that will peel or flake similar to a sunburn, it is normal to see the colors from the tattoo in the flaking. ​Do Not pick at the flakes!​​ Allow them to fall off naturally, even if it itches a lot. Use a little product to soothe the itch. If you wore the membrane for the 5 days, flaking/scabbing is unlikely to occur.

  • Your tattoo will still have a shiny appearance from the new skin under the flakes, your tattoo is completely healed once it dulls to match the rest of your skin surface.

  • Do Not Soak Your Tattoo During Healing, showering is as much water exposure as your tattoo should have until it is surface healed (when all flakes have fallen off).

  • Sunscreen! Sunblock! Sun-Avoidance!: ​​The only way to keep your tattoo looking beautiful and vibrant throughout the years after proper healing is to protect it from the Sun. If you know your tattoo will be subjected to the Sun then apply the strongest SPF you are comfortable with (minimum SPF-50), apply according to directions on bottle, often it will require re-applying every 80 minutes or sooner. This is no joke, the Sun ​will​​ break-down the pigments of the tattoo and permanently lighten the tattoo and potentially blur linework.

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