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Ammonite Tattoo LLC is a private tattoo studio owned and operated by artist David Yates.

Located inside the Historic Matchworks of Mentor Building, the studio has a beautiful aesthetic as well as being surrounded by artists of various practices, all worth exploring.

At Ammonite Tattoo the most modern equipment is used to bring you a quality tattoo in a timely fashion. Ecological choices have been made to reduce the amount of waste that is generated during the tattoo process, all inks are vegan friendly, and all aftercare salve is made of only natural ingredients by a licensed and local herbalist. In addition, high safety protocol, proper certification, and quality bedside manner is maintained to assure you a safe and comfortable experience. 

Many people ask why the name 'Ammonite' was chosen...

Ammonite is the name given to fossils with segmented spiral shells, the creatures went extinct 65 million years ago but has blossomed the human imagination since their discovery. As with many geological treasures, they have been considered to have special attributes. The attribute I find best associated with tattooing is the spiral shell. The spiral has long been associated with transformation and the endless journey, as the spiral is always growing upon itself. Our own personal human journey has quite some tales to tell, we often depict them in a tattoo, a milestone in itself. The spiral shell is slowly developed yet lasts a lifetime, the same as the images we wear.

choices we make

The choices we make can have a big impact on life. Choosing a design to wear the rest of your life can carry very significant meaning. Whether it is in remembrance of a loved one, a design for personal reflection and empowerment, or simply a fun way to carry a memory, they are there for us to always see. For you to choose any of us as your artist is a great honor, we deliver the best we have to offer in every design we do, from the smallest to the largest, from the simplest to the complex.

We feel it is our duty to make the best choices possible to benefit the wellbeing and care for our clients. We think it is also important to reflect the tattoo industry in the best light possible by using products that are efficient and reduce environmental impact. Some of the choices we have made to fulfill this duty and belief include the use of:

high quality Vegan-Safe inks

equipment that reduces the amount of plastic waste generated

(without compromising quality and safety standards)

All-Natural ointments for in-process and aftercare applications

(no petrolatum based products)

Medical-Grade aftercare covering

The paper used in the designing process of your tattoo is also recycled whenever possible.

The choice is yours, Thank you for choosing Ammonite Tattoo.  ~  David Yates

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