about Justin Bryant

Justin Bryant is a custom tattoo artist who has been tattooing for the past 10 years.

Justin has a passion for cover-ups, reworks, and color...really any and everything. He knows the value of the meaning it holds for the client, hence he gives his best no matter how big, how small, how complex, or how simple. He approaches each tattoo with the mindset, "would I want to wear this?" and will make sure each design is worthy. His honesty with each client helps to ensure that the final design is a collaboration of their concept and his knowledge to become artwork that will endure the test of time.

Justin is also the 3rd generation of tattooists in his family. His Grandparents were the first to open a tattoo studio in Ashtabula County in 1963 and successfully practiced their trade for 35 years. Though Justin wasn't initially drawn toward the idea of tattooing, he couldn't escape his fate. Now his absolute passion for the craft has him endlessly inspired, which has given him decades worth of knowledge in local tattoo history and the drive to contribute to that history with his own achievements in evolving his art and keeping up with the best current techniques and equipment.

Justin is also a sponsored artist by Tattoo Army, and can be found at tattoo conventions around the country. Be sure to message him if you are interested in meeting-up with him and getting tattooed at one of the upcoming conventions.